Not Your Average Blogging Politician

Andrew Rasiej, the video blogging candidate for NYC Public Advocate
Heather Green

Andrew Rasiej, who is running for NYC Public Advocate, is taking blogging a step further. He's vlogging. The power of this approach is hard to deny. Sure, video was used a lot in the last presidential election, but a video blog comes across as much more intimate. It's more present, you feel like you're the only one listening to this politician, who wants to help you, help your community.

The downside to this casual approach is also quickly apparent. In the vlog where he goes to a council meeting about Wi-Fi, we see him on the subway talking to the person behind camera and that person's laughter during the conversation is a little too laid back. I like it anyplace else, but here, it's frankly a jolt, taking me outside of the moment and making me wonder whether I should take this man seriously. It might just be that I am looking at this with too critical of an eye. Maybe the group of people who would watch this would already be more open, hey, maybe even expect, that level of casualness.

In any case, it looks like the vlogging force is with him in the form of Ryanne Hodson and Jay Dedman, who are pioneering vloggers.

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