Can Technology Help The Little Guy Get Paid?

I had to smile at the irony of "You'll be Upgrading" (Spring, 2005). I'm all in favor of high-tech business operations, but in this case, it seems so one-sided: The big guys are pushing the small ones to spend big bucks investing in technology.

One assumes the big guys have all the latest high-tech equipment, yet it doesn't seem to do much to help the small guys get paid. Instead, the big guys offer excuses such as, "Sorry, we've been having a computer glitch," or "You'll have your check next month, it didn't get entered."

The big guys want to look at their vendors' inventory and production. But can the vendors, in turn, look at the big guys' payable schedules to see if they are truly in their system? Not likely!


Livonia, Mich.

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