The Power of Us, Indeed: A Goldmine from Readers

Rob Hof

Like few other stories I've written, The Power of Us has unleashed a torrent of ideas and Web sites from a surprisingly diverse set of readers. And unlike most previous stories, we now have ways to share them: a comments section following the story itself, and this blog, where I can share your contributions. Today, I want to share some of the bounty that readers have sent along, highlighting both examples of peer power that I hadn't heard about and Web sites that offer further insight than can be contained in one story.

* Peer power: Michael Bouwens of the Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives has compiled a wealth of resources here. In particular, his essay delves deep into the theoretical social underpinnings of peer power.

* Prediction markets: Chris Masse has compiled an awesome number of links and other resources here on this fascinating example of the wisdom of crowds.

* Organ sharing: LifeSharers is a site where people can register as organ donors and get first access to other members' organs if needed. Tip o' the hat to Dave Undis.

* Collective Web browsing: Martinian Prince alerted me to , which has a free tool that lets you share sites you like with others and get recommendations for new sites that match your preferences.

* Good enough for government work: You can report earthquakes at this U.S. Geological Survey site, and view the collective results.

* People power in finance: I mentioned in the story, but CEO Marco Salerno alerted me to his interesting site, too. Members can share model portfolio ideas in a community section on the site.

* Beyond business: Since BusinessWeek late last year had done a piece on eBay founder Pierre Omidyar's unique philanthropic and social efforts at the Omidyar Network, I didn't mention it in the print version of the story. I'd like to correct that omission by pointing people to the site. It not only has information on its investments in key companies and groups in the area of bottom-up power, but community forums for discussion that are both innovative and illuminating.

Great stuff! Keep it coming.

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