Corporate Blogging Policies

Corporate blogging policies in the SF Chronicle.
Heather Green

Long, detailed story in the San Francisco Chronicle about how companies are coming up with blogging policies, worth the read with lots of quotes from bloggers at Sun, IBM, Google and yes, of course, the unbiquitous Mark Jen. But really there is more to the story than just him, although the article starts off there.

Like this quote, though it simplifies a little:

"The blog-and-lose-your-job (scare) is vastly exaggerated," (Simon) Phipps (a director) of Sun said. "If someone is dumb enough about blabbing about company secrets, it doesn't matter what medium you give them. They'll still blab about company secrets."

Via Debbie Weil, who has links to other corporations and Frederik Wacka.

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