Moblogging on deadline day

Stephen Baker gives update on his reporting for moblogging story. Blogger's a breeze, TypePad more problematic.
Stephen Baker

I was hoping to post this entry from my cellphone, but haven't figured out yet how to do it on this Movable Type system. I think I'll have to work with our tech people. I'm supposed to write the story today (though am begging for a 24-hour reprieve), so I'd better figure it out soon.

On the bright side, moblogging on Blogger has turned out to be a snap. I walked into the office of one of my editors yesterday and rudely snapped a picture of him. I fiddled with the phone while he talked for a minute and then gave him a url to call up. Voila. Flickr is also a breeze for posting pics on the go. No such luck on TypePad. The process seems to work, and my phone gets a message that the post went through. But it doesn't show up on the blog. Any suggestions?

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