"Downsize Me" Pro McDonald's Film Interesting, but maybe not as tasty as "Supersize Me"

A woman with the lyrical name of Soso Whaley has made a film, called
David Kiley

A woman with the lyrical name of Soso Whaley has made a film, called "Downsize Me," which is a counter-weight to Morgan Spurlock's "Supersize Me." It doesn't have the dramatic clout of Spurlock's film from what I can see, but maybe a little more "pub" for the movie will compel some sponsor--a fast food company maybe-- to upload the whole film to the Net. Right now, a sample is available at www.cei.org, a "free market" think tank that applauded Whaley's film.

Spurlock gained some 30 pounds in a month eating nothing but high fat and sodium McD's food, and put on an entertaining daily videoblog documentary showing his declining health, both physical and mental. Whaley, by contrast ate less than half the daily calories that Spurlock wolfed down over two months, lost 18 pounds and cut her cholesterol by 40 points.

Where Spurlock, who has leveraged his fame into a deal with FX cable channel, ate 20-piece Chicken Mcnugget dinners, Whaley ate a California Cobb salad with grilled chicken. She ate little or no french fries.

Hopefully, "Downsize Me," gets wider distribution, at least on the Net. Not having seen the whole film yet, I can't say if its as entertaining as "Supersize Me," but it's a good example of how there is more than one way to look at the fast food companies' roles in the obesity debate.

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