Marketers and Media Companies Getting Ready for Everything On Demand

David Kiley

Walt Disney Co.'s soon-to-be CEO Bob Iger says his company has made video on demand and digital ad formats a high priority. He also said Disney was involved in a number of initiatives, including talks with advertisers about how to embed their message in content so as to be DVR proof. In talking about expanded video-on-demand offering, Iger said, "What we might offer is Desperate Housewives, with a scene that might have been missing -- that's something I believe we could actually sell." Your plans better be richer than that, Bob.

There's an interesting battle taking shape between advertisers and media companies on one side and consumers on the the other over how much advertising gets forced down the public's throat. Advertising isn't going away. After all, who wants a $1,000 a month cable bill.

We are quickly becoming an on-demand nation, and media companies are having trouble keeping up with consumer behavior and technology. Video On Demand is currently the most under-utilized function in the digital set-top box menu. But not for long.

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