Holy Blogging Lawyers, Batman.

Debate in Kentucky over whether when blogging, lawyers are advertising and should pay a $50 filing fee to register each post with the Kentucky Attorneys' Advertising Commission.
Heather Green

Is blogging advertising? That's the debate that is underway in Kentucky says Ben Cowgill's Legal Ethics Blog. If it is, ostensibly, Kentucky blogging lawyers would have to pay $50 in a filing fee per blog post to register the "advertisement" with the Kentucky Attorneys' Advertising Commission.

Overlawyered has a roundup of some bloggers weighing in on the debate.

Though this particular issue and how it relates to lawyers appears limited to Kentucky, BW writer Mike France, who forwarded this to us, is right is saying it's indicative of how business blogging will raise a wide variety of sticky issues as it spreads into new areas.

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