Bringing Up Baby

About how blogs helped the niche Baby Bandolier product.
Heather Green

Baby Bandolier likes blogs, thanks to a recent appearance on the Gizmodo blog. The folks at Baby Bandolier emailed recently to tell their story of how blogs can give life to the niche products.

The item in question is an across-the-chest alternative to the quotidian diaper bag. It looks like a version of a bike bag—except it's designed to carry diapers, baby bottles, and even a fold our changing pad. The product had been available for about a month on the company's Web site, Duds4Dads, when a query popped up on at the 43 Things Google discussion group about tech bandoliers. One of the people in the group--after laughing--checked it out and promptly recommended it to Gizmodo in May.

Bam. Gizmodo did a short post on it, and sales for the niche product jumped.

"Within a day, traffic to the Duds4dads Wed site increased dramatically and they sold nearly 60 within the next 24 hours, when they had been averaging about 100 per month," the folks at Baby Bandolier explain.

And other blogs, including TMCnet and Dadlog, started picking up on it. And they say they have "gotten emails, orders, and requests for information from a group that includes French paintball magazine and a Russian entrepreneur."

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