Webby awards barely nod at blogs

The Webby awards pile 10 million blogs into one category. Boingboing wins.
Stephen Baker

Webby awards went to every conceivable kind of Web site last night, from Weird to pharmaceuticals. But for 10 million blogs, there was only one category: Blogs. Boing Boing won. Runners up were Flickr, hicksdesign, The SnowSuit Effort, and WorldChanging. My prediction: At next year's awards, blogs will no longer be cloistered in their alternate universe, and will compete with other Web pages in every category.

A few of the five-word acceptance speeches:

Lonely Planet: Love your country; leave it.
Geiko: The gekko ate my speech
Bell Canada: Not bad for Canadians, eh?
Skype: Free speech changes the world
SingingFish: Inspired decline of civilization, indexed.
New Zealand.com: New Zealand: More than Hobbits. (To which host Rob Corddry responded, "You have a lot of sheep, I understand.)

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