Yahoo! Tries Yet Again in Auctions

Rob Hof

Closing the Barn Door After the Horses Are Long Gone, Chapter 47: Yahoo! is doing away with listing fees for its auctions, AuctionBytes reported tonight. According to the auction news site, Yahoo! Shopping VP Rob Solomon says that should generate more higher-quality content. Huh? I haven't yet talked to Solomon to get his take, but it's pretty well-established that free auction sites generate little more than a lot of garbage listings and iffy sellers that potential buyers soon weary of sifting through.

As AuctionBytes' Ina Steiner notes, this may be an attempt by Yahoo! to blunt eBay's recent announcement that it would acquire I'm not yet sure how. But it's a sign that online shopping is far from mature--and that competition among seemingly distinct Internet giants like Yahoo!, eBay, Google, Amazon, MSN, and AOL is only going to intensify.

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