Revenge of the Communists, Part II

Michael Mandel

Here's a look at the growth performance of the twenty largest global economies over the past ten years. The number after each country is the increase in real GDP per capita, 1995-2005, based on IMF data.

      China  108.5%
      Russia  52.7%
      India  50.4%
      Iran  47.8%
      Korea  42.6%
      Taiwan   39.3%
      Spain  30.5%
      United Kingdom 26.7%
      Canada  25.9%
      Australia       25.7%
      United States 25.6%
      Mexico  24.5%
      Turkey  22.9%
      Thailand        19.6%
      France  19.0%
      Brazil  16.9%
      Italy  14.7%
      Indonesia       13.5%
      Germany  11.2%
      Japan  9.5%
The top 5 on this list: China, Russia, India, Iran, Korea. The U.S. places only #11, just behind Australia and just ahead of Mexico.

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