PubSub unveils new government search

PubSub unveils new search tool to provide news feeds on government officials
Stephen Baker

PubSub is launching today a new government service. You can click through it, subscribing to all the news feeds that feature any the legislator, governor, Supreme Court justice, you choose. Even the president. This could be useful, because it's not easy for most people to define a prospective search that brings in the right results. (My first attempt to create a PubSub scription for Blogspotting fed me lots of irrelevant stories until I finetuned it with help from the company.)

I can see journalists, lobbyists, activists of all stripes subscribing to the feeds on Clarence Thomas, Tom DeLay, even local state senators. President Bush? That feed is just too big. I'm betting PubSub will soon break him down into different categories.

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