Podcasting Congress?

Jeff Jarvis seconds Ernest Miller's request that Congress provide podcasts of every hearing. Doesn't make much sense.
Heather Green

Believe me, (she says, getting ready to put on her flak jacket), I like podcasting. I read Jeff Jarvis religiously and think he's very thoughtful. And I have tons of respect for Ernest Miller.

But Miller's request, seconded by Jarvis at Buzzmachine, that in Congress "every single darn committee, subcommittee, whatever, have a podcast (in the future, broadcatch) of its hearings" seems silly. Ok, if not silly, a little premature.

Faster access to digital transcripts, yes. RSS feeds for those transcripts,sure. But podcasts? When less than 4% of the entire U.S. population will be listening to podcasts by 2008, according to Forrester Research?

UPDATE with clarification: The less than 4% number (technically 3.65%) is U.S. households.

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