Apple Loves Intel?

Cliff Edwards

Is Steve Jobs finally succumbing to the Dark Side? The Wall Street Journal is reporting Apple is in serious discussions with Intel to use its chips in its Macintosh line.
There's plenty of reasons why this might make sense. Jobs & Co. last year were unhappy after current supplier IBM couldn't deliver enough chips on time. Switching to Intel would level the playing field by letting Apple use the same architecture as that of Dell and HP--and we all know Apple clobbers them on design. Then there's the massive name recognition Jobs is enjoying from the I-gotta-have-one iPod lineup. With the iron ever-so-hot, it'd be a great time to make a decisive strike to gain market share.
But who are we kidding? This is Steve Jobs, a man who has always marched to his own tune. These rumors have been around for years, and have come to naught. Seems like if a switch were to be made, Apple would have done it when they released OS X a couple of years ago. I'm no software whiz, but seems like there'd be a lot of code rewriting that would have to occur now.
Not surprisingly, both companies are mum on whether the current rumor round is true. Could be a ploy to get better terms from IBM. Stranger things have happened, particularly in the world of techdom, but this pairing would be really big indeed.

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