Sony Runs Circles Around Xbox 360

Cliff Edwards

Did the spider just eat the fly? After seeing new consoles Monday night from Microsoft and Sony, it's clear Sony couldn't have been happier that their Redmond (Wash.) nemesis jumped first with Xbox 360. Technically, Sony's new PlayStation 3 doesn't just outdistance Xbox 360 in performance, it runs circles around it. The PS3 will be both pc and entertainment center, capable of handling high-definition movies, pictures, games and music-with multiple inputs and outputs to not one but two, count 'em, two high def TVs. What's more, there's Wi-Fi for instant connection to PlayStation portables and Bluetooth for up to seven wireless controllers. Sony's new box, in three colors, looks like a Ferrari, making Xbox 3 look comparison like for Ford Taurus. Will six months' headstart be enough for Microsoft? In the end, in may come down to the games and pricing of the consoles. Neither company has revealed pricing details. This game is just beginning.

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