Tech Buyout Shopping List

Justin Hibbard

In last week's issue of BusinessWeek, we ran a by yours truly and Emily Thornton about the rise of buyouts in the tech industry. Recently, the Mercury News and Red Herring have also weighed in on the subject. Most tech buyouts these days are of the mid-size variety (under $1 billion). There are scores of mid-size companies--or mid-size divisions inside large companies--that are prime buyout material, thanks largely to the VC-fueled tsunami of tech company creation in the '90s. Mega-buyouts ($1 billion and up) are a rarer phenomenon in tech, but recent deals like Sungard and Doubleclick suggest they may become more common. To get ideas about which big tech companies may be ripe for the picking, I've been playing around with various screens. You may be surprised by some of the names that have made the cut.

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