Birthing Pains at KYOU

Rob Hof

Wow, for a radio station surprisingly clued into the Net zeitgeist, KYOU sure doesn't look too welcoming on its first day. The San Francisco station just started broadcasting podcasts today, in addition to making them available for download. That is, if you can make it through the registration process. You have to register even to listen (on the computer, that is), and it asks pretty personal questions, like my age and how many people work at my company. Worse, the self-proclaimed "open source radio" station's audio service ironically doesn't seem to work with Firefox, the open source browser. I tried to register using Firefox, and got an error message. Then I tried with Internet Explorer, and it says the user name I chose with Firefox--the one that didn't get completed, you understand--is taken. Wait, now it says I'm logged in, so who knows what the problem is. Yeesh. Staci Kramer at isn't real pleased either.

As for the programming, which I'm hearing on my radio, it's eclectic, as well it should be. Definitely some music you don't hear on AM radio, followed by Dave Winer's unique mix of laid-back and cranky commentary, followed by Adam Tinkoff's April 22 podcast talking about his jet lag. And so on. Whether it all jells as a broadcast mix, I'm not yet sure. It'll be interesting to see whether user ratings, which determine what podcasts will keep playing, will end up producing a listenable lineup.

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