Challenges for mainstream blogging

Blogging at BusinessWeek and other mainstream pubs won't take off in a big way until the companies introduce blogging internally--and free up more resources for blogs.
Stephen Baker

We have six blogs and counting at BusinessWeek now. But I don't think the movement will really transform our business until we start using blogs and wikis for internal communications and collaborative reporting. Once we get used to those tools inside the firewall, I predict we'll reach out, energetically. From what I'm hearing, we and lots of other companies will be using those tools very shortly. Many are already leading the way.

Another challenge we mainstreamers face: We're expected to find time to blog while we do our magazine work. This means that we are likely to step out of the blogworld as we report stories. (This happened to me Tuesday as I edited one.) If we're going to grow strong within this medium, we'll have to free up more resources.

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