Dan Gillmor's new site--comment registration

A link to Dan Gillmor's new site, and a question to readers about registering vs. screened comments
Stephen Baker

Just took a first tour of Dan Gillmor's new citizen's media site, Bayosphere. For all of us interested in the point I raised yesterday--whether citizens can provide the reporting society needs--this site is well worth watching.

I registered there to leave comments, and I wondered if that might be the solution to our screened comments policy--which, believe me, is as vexing to us as it is to you. Perhaps if people registered with working e-mail addresses, their comments could go onto our site unfiltered.

I'm not at all sure that my superiors at BW will agree to this. But if you think it's worth pursuing, if the inconvenience of registering once is preferable to the delays that come with screening, leave comments here (which, yes, I'll screen). And if it sounds like a good idea, I'll take it up with the appropriate party on Monday. (Unless she too wants to leave a comment. K? You there?)

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