Xbox vs. Sony

Cliff Edwards

OK, so now we know pretty much what Xbox 360 will do when we rush to get our mitts on it in November, thanks to Microsoft's 30-minute infomercial on MTV Thursday night. Now the games really can begin. On Monday, we'll find out whether Sony's posturing was all swagger, or if they're really planning to put a hurt on Microsoft for rushing out a game console early. Word is, Sony hopes to announce that consumer electronics companies and others have pretty much adopted the Blu-Ray high-definition DVD standard, though they will use some codecs from the competitor standard, HD-DVD. If true, that mean that unlike Xbox 360, you could watch high-def movies right from your PlayStation 3. And expect Sony to play up ties to its movie and music studios, versus Microsoft with Cinenow offering yesterday's movies tomorrow. The big questions: Will Microsoft's nemesis actually announce a release date, and will it be sooner than everyone thinks?

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