Texas Instruments' DLP Cinema

Cliff Edwards

Went to the San Francisco premiere of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith last night www.starwars.com. It was cool watching everyone's favorite Sith Lord strut finally strut his stuff, and the wine was flowing afterward as director George Lucas showed up to lend support to the charity event. Plot and acting, though, left a little to be desired. Still, kudos to Lucas' technical prowess. Shown on one of the new Texas Instruments' DLP Digital Cinema projectors, the movie looked great, with high-definition so clear you could practically see Amidala's pores (where's the makeup people when you need them?) And with chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices' technology coming to bear in production of the special effects, the action was nonstop. Both technologies helped end an era on an overall good note. Hmmm. With very similar technology available for consumer use, anyone want to start putting together episodes seven through nine?

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