Podcasting is more challenging than blogging

Early reporting for BusinessWeek podcasting story. Scrounging to find good amateur programming.
Stephen Baker

My first evening researching the podcasting story, and I've come across some really... boring stuff. Someone suggest some interesting links, quick! (Don't need the porn. I see there's plenty of it.)

I think podcasters face a tougher challenge than bloggers, because while bloggers demand a few moments on your computer screen, podcasters want your time. The eyes can skim a blog. But if the first minute or two of a podcast are boring, I'd bet listeners turn it off and never return.

Yesterday afternoon, I asked my colleague Adam Aston View image if he knew any good podcasts. Adam knows a lot more about radio than I do, and is the first to try out different gadgets and software. He said that he uses podcasts like a Tivo, to time-shift his radio. But he only listens to mainstream broadcasts, like NPR. He said the amateur podcasts he had heard were "radio hell."

Send me recommendations for Adam, to prove him wrong.