Aquantive CEO sees mainstream blogs gaining ads

Aquantive CEO sees ad growth in mainstream media blogs
Stephen Baker

Brian McAndrews, ceo of Internet marketing powerhouse Aquantive, just stopped by our offices. When I asked about blog advertising, he predicted that branded mainstream media blogs would pick up a fair share of the business. (I know, coming from a BusinessWeek blog this might sound suspiciously self serving. But I didn't prompt him.)

His reasoning: Advertisers trust that the content will stay within certain bounds. "They'll be more comfortable there." Still, he acknowledges the risk that comments, even on mainstream sites, will criticize an advertiser. The other risk, of course, is that by settling for MSM blogs, advertisers will sacrifice the power and reach of the blogs that have proven themselves in the blog world.

The closest thing to a mainstream network these days, McAndrews says, is the Gawker group. "There aren't that many others that you can count on," he says.

Is this true? Or is Gawker just the only one people write about?

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