Need help on podcasting

BusinessWeek's Baker requests help for upcoming articles on podcasting
Stephen Baker

I just signed up yesterday to do a couple of stories on podcasting. I'm looking for some help. As you see in the memo (below), I'm on to do a how-to story as well as an overview that introduces the medium to readers and tells them what's out there.

my part of the memo:

Podcasting For Dummies.
Why care and why this is worth trying. Here’s how to listen and what’s worth listening to. For art a table of podcast directories and some podcasts we think are worthwhile.

Making of a Podcast Baker

A first person how to/product review. The podcast will be Baker’s overview piece. He’ll do a step-by-step primer along with a description of his experience using the podcasting tools at his disposal.

I can gather the basic info on podcasting. I'm tuned into Dave Winer and Adam Curry. I know about the Aussies at G'day, and even found an interview with Heather there. But if you have special tips on what sort of equipment to use, what to watch out for, and which podcasts and aggregators to look at, please send them along.

I'll keep you up-do-date on my progress

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