Real money on BoingBoing, at least nothing to sneeze at

Comments on report that BoingBoing rakes in $40,000 a month in ad revenue.
Stephen Baker

BoingBoing sits right at the top of Technorati's blog traffic ratings. And now here's a report that it makes $40,000 a month in advertising. Sounds small. But if those advertisers get bang for their small-time bucks, they're bound to divert more of their ad budgets to blogs.

The challenge for bloggers is to professionalize their ad operations, providing advertisers with the services and consistency they count on in other media. It's taken mainstream Internet publishers the best part of a decade to establish themselves in this way--and now they're booming.
BoingBoing and the Gawker group are leading the way. And you can count on others in the blog world to move fast, in part because the big players are rushing into their business--and applying the lessons and metrics learned in the first stage of Internet advertising.

Yes, yes, I know. The big players are slow and don't fully understand the blog world. But soon some blog sites are going to be making a heck of a lot more than $40,000 a month--and not all of them will be run by start-ups.

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