Mainstream media's alleged strategy on blogs

Is mainstream media interested in downplaying the power of blogs?
Stephen Baker

I take issue to a comment to today's earlier post from a reader named Jay. He suggests that the subject of blogs barely came up at the Overseas Press Club banquet because their "biggest threat is coming from blogs and the longer they can downplay their power the better it is for them."

This assumes that we MSM types, whether we're at BW, Fox News or the El Paso Times, have a common strategy. Believe me, on the subject of blogs, as in just about everything else, we're all responding (or not responding) on our own.

I would argue that instead of one big homogeneous power group--MSM--we're a very diverse collection of individuals and institutions. The vast majority of us responds much more to the day-to-day challenges of our lives: Pushing story counts up, trying not to get scooped, writing front-page stories (which feel like insurance in these days of shrinking advertising and staff cutbacks).

We may have common blind spots. But don't confuse that for a strategy.

One more question: If it's in mainstream media's interest to downplay the power of blogs, why are so many of us putting blogs on the covers and front pages?

I won't quibble one bit with Jay's following sentence: "Plus, some of the traditional journalists don't know how to compete with bloggers."

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