What do you want this blog to be?

Asks the public want kind of postings it wants on blogspotting.net: pure business, or a mix of business and media
Stephen Baker

We're getting lots of feedback on this blog, and lots of questions. The key one, naturally, is what this blog is going to be about. We need your feedback to help us shape it.

Some people call for a blog that focuses sharply on business: How blogs are affecting business, and how companies can and should respond. They say they have only a certain number of blogs they have time and energy to look at blog posts. They want focus.

There's no doubt that we should provide a steady supply of that information. It's the core of our franchise.

The question is whether we should also cover the industry we know the very best, and the one in which we benefit from an inside view: media. Seems to me that one of the key dramas to play out over the next several years will involve the jockeying between mass media and media of the masses. If we can provide an inside Mainstream Media perspective, could that be valuable? Or just navel-gazing?

If we cover business as well as media, we could tag the postings so that those who want only one or the other would know which ones to click (or subscribe to). If you have other ideas on how to organize and tag this blog, send them along.

In any case, let's hear your thoughts. What do you want this blog to cover?

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