The Basics

Discusses very basic steps to using services such as PubSub and aggregators. Answers basic questions from people who aren't very familiar with blogs.
Heather Green

Argh! Yesterday I wanted to dive into some of the issues people were talking about in the comments. But, of course, I wrestled all day with my stupid connection at home and could barely even post the new comments that were coming in.

So I came into the office to deal with a few basic points people who read the BW article brought up. The broader stuff we should dive into next week. I hope that's ok with everyone.

Some people asked whether there are businesses providing services around blogs, such as collecting and presenting the data in blogs to large companies. The answer is yes. I think this will be a big thread on this blog, and I can't wait to hear you're input. Here are basic pointers in the meantime. Most services let you subscribe to their results with RSS. I recommend trying out all of these.
PubSub is a great tracking service online.
Technorati is a blog search engine with ton of services that let you set up watchlists of blogs that are linking to your brand or company and check out lists of top bloggers.
BlogPulse competes with Technorati.
And then there are tags.

I love the comments from people who say they're starting to draw up plans for integrating blogging into their businesses. Steve and I did a list of tips for corporations getting started. It's on BusinessWeek Online, but it's hard to find so here's a link.

I got some requests (not on the comments, but in email) asking for recommendations of RSS aggregators. Here's a story that I did a few months ago and a CNET review of software that I think still pretty much holds. But in my opinion, Bloglines is really your best bet, though MyYahoo is the easiest service to get started with if you have never used an aggregator before.

On the suggestion/request that we add links to good business blog, good call and big oops. Boy, do we ever need a blogroll up here or else a list of feeds we watch over at Bloglines.
In the meantime, here is a very very few pointers in no particular order:
The Red Couch
Blog Business World
Business Blog Consulting
Media Guerrilla
Cymfony's Marketing Insight
Doc Searls Weblog

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