A Messy Transition In Hong Kong

After the resignation of Hong Kong's unpopular Chief Executive, Tung Chee Hwa, in March, the Chinese government is facing opposition as it tries to push through its favored replacement, Donald Tsang. Beijing wants Tsang to serve out the last two years of Tung's term, but Hong Kong's Basic Law, the territory's mini-constitution, says nothing about a replacement serving a shortened term. Meanwhile, Beijing's choice of Tsang, who was financial secretary under former British Governor Chris Patten, isn't going over well with pro-Beijing politicians in Hong Kong who see him as the embodiment of the pre-1997 colonial order. And pro-democracy firebrand legislator Emily Lau may run against Tsang. She has no chance of winning, since the election is decided by a committee that isn't likely to challenge China. Still, the whole process could get messy for Beijing.

Edited by Rose Brady

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