Online Extra: Jamie Dimon, in His Own Words

On building fortress balance sheets:

Strong balance sheets are better able to suffer bad times. The goal isn't to leverage up. You don't make up for poor operational results with leverage. We can grow by $10 billion next quarter if we want to, but I'm not interested in bad growth.

On creating thousands of profit and loss statements, from each individual retail branch to individual corporate clients:

It's like peeling onions. You do that, and you own risk.

On the new $1.1 billion spending plan:

We've lived with each other now for six month. It's now bigger than normal fine-tuning. We've got tons of ideas.

On his Waste Management campaign:

Waste will hurt our customers. Cars, phones, clubs, perks -- what's that got to do with customers?

On current CEO William Harrison:

We do it differently and say it differently, but we both know what is the right thing to do. There have been very few compromises.

On his ritualistic Sunday night "to do" list:

I make my list by business, by person and try to think about what I might be avoiding, what I have to do. Then I go over it again and try to cut through the crap, and check to see if it's the right thing for the company. It's hard to see the truth -- it's even harder to do something about it.

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