A Bonanza Of Legislative Help

I read with interest "Inspecting the Lobbies" (Fall 2004) and offer the following comments.

My wife and I have a small accounting and tax practice and for many years have been involved in federal and state legislative activities affecting our business and our clients.

We participate in our state Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business. The Chamber's membership includes many large companies, while NFIB members tend to be smaller firms.

I believe the legislative efforts by the Chamber and the NFIB at the state level are as important, or perhaps more important, than legislative efforts at the federal level. Both the Chamber and the NFIB are very influential and effective in our state legislative arena. It may be useful for small business owners to participate in both organizations.

Small business owners should also consider legislative help that is available from industry and professional organizations. We rely on legislative assistance from our Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants and our National Society of Accountants. The Washington-based American Legislative Exchange Council may also be of tremendous help.

Walter Dudley

Dudley & Holomon Inc.


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