Hovnanian Estimate Raised

Also, forecast changes for Pep Boys, Cablevision, and more
Date Company Ticker FY-End Prior New Comment
3/4/2005 Cal Dive Intl CDIS Dec-05 2.4 2.75 Raising expected operating margins
  Credence Syst CMOS Oct-05 -0.03 -0.45 Lower than expected forward guidance
  Insight Commu ICCI Dec-05 0.56 -0.2 Revised operating outlook
  SEACOR Holding CKH Dec-05 1.4 1.85 Raising expected operating margins        
3/3/2005 Amylin Pharma AMLN Dec-05 -0.85 -1.53 Much higher cost projections
  Hovnanian Ente HOV Oct-05 6.57 7.35 Accretion from recent acquisitions
  Mediacom Comm MCCC Dec-05 0.1 -0.13 Revised operating outlook
  Pep Boys-Manny PBY Jan-06 0.91 0.75 Worse than expected Jan-Q
  Petroleo Brasi PBR Dec-05 5.79 6.59 Updated price and margin projections
  Shire Pharma SHPGY Dec-05 2.33 2.07 Pressure on drug Adderall XR for ADHD
  Trinity Indust TRN Dec-05 1.2 0.9 Higher steel costs  
3/2/2005 Adolor Corp ADLR Dec-05 -1.71 -1.48 Lower R&D costs, higher revenues
  Cablevision CVC Dec-05 -0.19 -0.14 Revised operating outlook
  Delphi Corp DPH Dec-05 -0.62 -0.7 Biggest customer cuts production est.
  Eastman Chem EMN Dec-05 3 3.5 Better outlook for fibre, poly. resin
  Lear Corp LEA Dec-05 5.6 4.8 Customers cut production volume
  Sanofi-Aventis SNY Dec-05 2.22 2.75 Weaker dollar; merger synergies
  Semtech Corp SMTC Jan-06 0.84 0.65 Jan-Q results; company guidance      
3/1/2005 Acadia Realty AKR Dec-05 0.59 0.5 Higher expenses, lower sales projectns
  Grupo Radio Cen RC Dec-05 -0.3 0.1 Expanding margins, stronger outlook
  Host Marriott HMT Dec-05 0.2 0.23 Better than expected Q-4
  Philippine Lon PHI Dec-05 2.45 3 Improved operating outlook  
2/28/2005 AXA ADS AXA Dec-05 1.44 2.45 Strong performance in all ins segmts
  Banco Santande STD Dec-05 1.02 0.85 Cautious about effects Abbey Natl acq
  Catellus Devel CDX Dec-05 1.39 1.15 Improved occupancy
  PRIMEDIA Inc PRM Dec-04 0.05 0.09 Improved outlook, lower financing cost
  Protein Desig PDLI Dec-04 -0.35 -0.43 Removal of Tysabri related royalties
  Teleflex Inc TFX Dec-05 3.15 3.65 Higher revs & lower COGS assumptions
  Vical Inc VICL Dec-05 -1.33 -1.11 Lower R&D spending
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