Podcasting Could be an Ad Creative's Delight

David Kiley

Steal This Idea. Please! As advertisers get more interested in pod casting, one way to get their brand messages in without polluting the medium would be to write and produce interesting radio plays that are so damned entertaining that podcastees don't mind the embedded message.

Podcasting is a small media, I will grant you. But it's very interesting and part of the overall organism devouring the future of commercial radio (which should be eaten in similar fashion to the way Jaws took Quint right off the deck of his boat). For the uninitiated, it works like this. I record the equivalent of a radio program in my basement, stream it on the Net. You folks with MP3 players download it and play it back just like you are tuned to a radio station.

The people who do this well are attracting followers. Enterprising business folks are rounding up podcasts and selling podcast network sponsorships. Advertisers are interested because the demos of podcastees are very attractive--tech oriented people with money and education. Volvo is sponsoring podcasts, for example.

I love good radio, and I especially love radio plays in long or short form. Think of it: young creatives at ad agencies writing two and three minute stories unbridled by the 30-second or 60-second format or the FCC. It could be great. One problem, though. Today, I asked two big-time creative directors, each at huge, creative ad agencies, what they thought of my idea. You know what they said..."What's a podcast?"

Yipes. Maybe I'm ahead of my time.

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