TRW Estimate Lowered

Plus analysts' forecast changes for Baker Hughes, News Corp., and more
Date Company Ticker FY-End Prior New Comment
2/18/2005 Ballard Power BLDP Dec-05 -0.9 -1.17 Higher R&D spending, lower revenue
  Glatfelter GLT Dec-05 1.1 0.9 Higher projected raw materials costs
  NETGEAR Inc NTGR Dec-05 0.86 0.96 Higher gross margin, lower expenses
  NVIDIA Corp NVDA Jan-06 0.87 1.21 Higher sales growth, margin assumptns
  TRW Inc TRW Dec-05 1.89 1.69 Restructuring charges, refinncng costs
  Watson Pharmac WPI Dec-05 2.2 1.75 To match guidance
2/17/2005 AU Optronics A AUO Dec-05 1.5 0.7 Lower gross margin forecast
  Baker Hughes I BHI Dec-05 1.73 1.97 Raised revenue & operating maring
  Brocade Commu BRCD Oct-05 0.32 0.37 Expected market share gains
  Cosi Inc COSI Dec-05 -0.23 -0.27 Results hampered by high overhead
  CoStar Group CSGP Dec-05 1 0.23 Tax accntng change, FSB 123 adoption
  EastGroup Prop EGP Dec-05 1.05 0.92 Updated company guidance
  Exelixis Inc EXEL Dec-05 -1.68 -1.29 Increased revenue
  LeapFrog Enterp LF Dec-05 0.54 0.26 Lower than expected sales growth
  LTX Corp LTXX Jul-05 -0.87 -1.92 Lower than expected forward guidance
  Patterson-UTI PTEN Dec-05 1.04 1.29 Increases in dayrates, daily cash mrgn
  Radio One'D' ROIAK Dec-05 0.46 0.38 Contracting margins & slowing growth
  Reliance Steel RS Dec-05 4.7 4.05 Stronger than expected market conditns
  Transocean Inc RIG Dec-05 1.24 1.51 Raised dayrates
2/16/2005 Applied Mater AMAT Oct-05 0.91 0.79 Lower gross margin assumptions
  GTx Inc GTXI Dec-05 -1.4 -1.6 Accelerated clinical program
  MeriStar Hospi MHX Dec-05 -0.65 -0.53 Rising revenue, widening margins
  Natl Financial NFP Dec-05 1.33 1.5 Expect strong revenue growth
  News Corp 'A NWS.A Jun-05 0.75 0.62 Adjusting for Fox tender offer
  News Corp'B' NWS Jun-05 0.75 0.62 Adjusting for Fox tender offer
  Photronics, I PLAB Oct-05 0.98 0.79 Lower-than-expected forward guidance
2/15/2005 Commonwealth CTCO Dec-05 2.72 2.41 Dilution from convertible securities
  Entegris Inc ENTG Aug-05 0.31 0.21 Lower gross margins
  Fidelity Natl FNF Dec-05 2.94 3.89 Better margins, less integration expns
  Health Care Pr HCP Dec-05 1.18 1.03 Lower sales projections
  Molex Inc MOLXE Jun-05 1.3 1.05 Higher raw material costs
  Smithfield Foo SFD Apr-05 2.15 2.62 Higher prices of live hogs
  Univl Corp UVV Mar-06 5.19 4.07 Slower margin expansn, pricng pressurs
2/14/2005 Banco Itau Hol ITU Dec-04 5.15 5.91 Cont'd strength in Brazilian economy
  Fuller (H.B.) FUL Nov-05 1.6 1.4 Higher raw material costs
  Quixote Corp QUIX Jun-05 0.54 0.17 Delayed Federal Highway funding bill
  XM Satellite XMSR Dec-05 -2.21 -2.7 Revised operating outlook
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