Qwest Makes Another Run at MCI

Merger in store for May and Federated?; plus more of this week's top deal headlines
Week Company Ticker Date Price Comment
THIS WEEK 02/14/2005 through 02/18/2005 MAY DEPT STORES MAY 2/18/2005 33 WSJ reports FD's takeover talks for MAY have resumed, with the two chains about $2 per share apart on acquisition price.
  MCI INC MCIP 2/18/2005 22 In 8-K filing, Q says it plans to submit modified offer to acquire MCIP.
  ELMER'S RESTAUR ELMS 2/17/2005 7 ERI Acquisition Corp. extends cash offer of $7.50 per ELMS share until 03/10/05.
  AMX CORP AMXC 2/15/2005 22 Duchossois Industries Inc. to buy: $22.50 = AMXC
  CIRCUIT CITY STO CC 2/15/2005 17 Highfields Capital Management LP bids $17 per share... CC says it will review bid.
  MCI INC MCIP 2/14/2005 20 VZ to buy: 0.4062 VZ, $1.50 = MCIP

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