Pixar Estimate Raised

Plus S&P analyst forecast changes on DaimlerChrysler, Analog Devices, and others
Date Company Ticker FY-End Prior New Comment
2/11/2005 Analog Devices ADI Oct-05 1.58 1.35 Lower sales and margin assumptions
  Belo Corp'A' BLC Dec-05 1.28 1.1 Rising costs, squeezing margins
  DaimlerChrysler DCX Dec-05 4.7 3.86 Reducing profit expectations
  Deutsche Bank A DB Dec-05 8.52 7.35 Additional reorganization costs
  FormFactor In FORM Dec-05 0.56 0.47 Lower than expected Q1 guidance
  MKS Instrumen MKSI Dec-05 1.05 0.59 Lower than expected Q1 guidance
  Neurocrine NBIX Dec-05 -0.28 -0.85 Milestone timing and higher costs
  Pixar PIXR Dec-05 1.25 2.2 More favorable profit outlook for '05
  Simon Property SPG Dec-05 1.6 1.81 Higher sales & lower cost projections
  Trizec Propert TRZ Dec-05 0.49 0.57 Should gain from occupancy improvemnts
  Varco Intl VRC Dec-05 1.34 1.48 adjusting operating margins
2/10/2005 Boyd Gaming BYD Dec-05 1.65 1.9 Better than expected Q4 EPS
  Dura Automoti DRRA Dec-05 1.75 1.3 Lower sales and higher steel prices
  Intl Steel Gro ISG Dec-05 5.4 6.2 Optimistic outlook for prices & costs
  Intuitive Sur ISRG Dec-05 0.9 1.03 Stronger system sales expected
  Loews Cp-Caroli CG Dec-05 3.3 3.65 Promotional activity boosting sales
  Regal Entertai RGC Dec-05 1.2 1.05 Revised operating outlook
  Winn-Dixie Sto WIN Jun-05 -0.24 -1.08 Increased competition
2/9/2005 Amkor Technol AMKR Dec-04 0.1 -0.73 Lower than expected forward guidance
  Argosy Gaming AGY Dec-05 2.6 3.05 Better than expected Q4 EPS
  Bob Evans Far BOBE Apr-05 1.35 1.2 Slower sales trends
  Diamond Offshor DO Dec-05 1.35 1.61 Adjusted dayrates and utilization
  Genl Growth Pr GGP Dec-05 1.7 1.37 Higher costs projections
  Given Imaging GIVN Dec-05 0.6 0.45 Lower margins
  LIN TV 'A' TVL Dec-05 0.7 0.54 Expenses are rising faster than expctd
  Maxygen Inc MAXY Dec-05 -1.4 -1.69 Higher operating expenses
  Playboy Enterp PLA Dec-04 0.07 0.24 Higher profit forecasts
  Sanofi-Aventis SNY Dec-05 2.7 2.38 Changes in currency translation
  U.S. Cellular USM Dec-05 1.3 1.13 Lower than expected net additions
  Unilever N.V. UN Dec-05 5.2 4.62 Higher marketing spending
  WMS Indus WMS Jun-05 0.82 0.71 Weaker than expected Q2 EPS

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