The Misery of Living in 1992

Olga Kharif

The New Yorker magazine recently ran a fun story about living in 1992. It was written by a boy whose teacher asked his class to pick a year in history and try to live for a week the way people lived back then. This particular student picked 1992, figuring it wasn’t that long ago and that, consequently, it wouldn’t cramp his lifestyle too much. How wrong he was. Turned out, watching DVDs was out. He lost his favorite video games, Internet access (and e-mail) and his cell phone (since cell phones weren’t in common use back then). The kid also had to cancel his mom’s Botox procedure; when the mom found out, “my mother wanted to punish me by depriving me of something that I care about, but just about everything that’s important to me was basically already off limits for the week anyway.”

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