Curing Spectrum's Headaches?

Good Days and Bad Days
Tiny Spectrum Pharmaceuticals (SPPI ), which has yet to make a dime, looks set to take on Big Pharma. So says Reni Benjamin of Rodman & Renshaw, which has done banking for Spectrum. He rates the stock, now at 6.20, "outperform/speculative risk," with a 12-month target of 12. Spectrum may get Food & Drug Administration approval, he says, for the first generic version of Imitrex, a migraine drug marketed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK ), whose patent expires in mid-2007. On Jan. 10, the FDA accepted Spectrum's application to clear the drug.

"Since it is the first to file for an 'abbreviated new drug application' for the generic, Spectrum could enjoy, once O.K.'d, a six-month period of exclusive marketing of the drug," notes Benjamin. Imitrex had 2004 sales of $200 million. Spectrum CEO Rajesh Shrotriya says Spectrum could initially capture 20% of the market. Glaxo, he adds, could either go the difficult route of seeking a patent extension -- or let Spectrum market Imitrex and the generic.

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By Gene G. Marcial

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