World Wrestling Wombat

WWE head Vince McMahon may not be a
David Kiley

WWE head Vince McMahon may not be a "big fat" idiot. But the "I" word definitely applies.

Upset that the media hasn't been running enough warm fuzzy stories about the Iraq War, McMahon is using company funds (attention shareholders!) to "call out" The New York Times and other liberal media pinhead publications in a full page ad in The Times. McMahon is stopping short of challenging op-ed columnists Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman to get into the ring. But McMahon feels he is doing his part to influence the national conversation about Iraq see...what he is trying to accomplish by running this ad is.....if you stop and think about it...he's saying...and the reason he is saying this is because......


Our reporter, Diane Brady, asked McMahon why he doesn't weigh in on the steroid scandal. "It's not really an issue for us," replied McMahon. "We don't test for it." Of course. Why would it be an issue if you don't test for it? You don't test for it because probably 100% of the WWE performers are on steroids. The last time I checked, the WWE had a very big adolescent/teenage boy audience constituency. These kids are increasingly taking steroids to enhance their performance. And can we all agree that a 15 year old linebacker on steroids is a bad thing. Can we? Please.

Vince McMahon is a joke, just like his phony WWE product. Could it be that McMahon actually thinks his public persona and company money is better applied to criticizing the media for its coverage of Iraq than for educating young people about not using steroids. But he can't do that, can he? How could he legitimately tell young people not to use steroids when the vast majority of his performers use them under his nose. I'm not sure if he is really this simple, or whether this is a move to cultivate the--"I'm Vince McMahon. I'm simple and proud of it"--brand franchise that appeals to Rush Limbaugh ditto heads and their offspring.

Like I said...World Wrestling Wombat.

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