Cambridge (Judge): Essay 2

Question: Describe a project or a piece of work in which you have been involved since university, which you found difficult or which did not go well. What did you learn from this experience and what would you have done differently in retrospect?

At [Company 1], nearly everyone in the company had a tense, almost adversarial relationship with the woman who produced the films we developed. We reported to her directly, and all of our input on particular projects was hers to judge and critique. She did not believe in constructive criticism. As a result, I found myself timid to introduce new writers and projects to her for fear of a rather harsh rejection by her. When we implemented a new policy in which each member of the company was forced to submit a number of new writers and projects that we believed to be the promising "up-and-comers" in Hollywood on a regular basis, several writers sprang to mind that had written quirky scripts very far out of the mainstream.

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