Video Troubleshooting

Having trouble viewing our mock interview videos? Please read the tips below

1. Open your QuickTime Player (go to program files, and open a new player that way). You'll see a menu bar that will read:

File Edit Movie Favorites Window Help

2) Click on "Edit" and pull down the menu till you get to "Preferences", which will now give you the option of selecting "Player Preferences" or "QuickTime Preferences"

3) Select "QuickTime Preferences" and a dialogue box will open.

4) Click on the top pull down menu on the open dialogue box and select "Streaming Transport"

5. Using the buttons on the display, select HTTP as your transport protocol and Port 80 as your Port ID.

6. Finally, return to the Mock Interviews, and try loading them again.

They should now work.

Download QuickTime 6 here

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