Frustrated by silence on the Left

For more than a year, I’ve received messages at regular intervals from MoveOn and other grassroots activists groups urging me to fight the good fight. Give money. Call undecided voters. Visit swing states. Vote John Kerry. In the days leading up to the election, the notes became more frequent, more urgent. They came from close friends as well as from colleagues I barely knew. Last week at an event that I attended, a security guard I had never met handed me her e-mail address, saying: “If you want to go to Florida the weekend before the election to knock on doors, my aunt lives in Miami and she’ll put you up.”

Minutes after watching John Kerry’s concession speech this afternoon, I went to to see what sage advice the liberal oracle had to share with forlorn Democrats by way of hope for the future. Nothing. The site hadn’t been updated. I tried, the organization that helped citizens plan road trips to swing states to canvas for voters. No post election updates. The radical anti-war group United for Peace and Justice, which drew national attention for its organizing role in the protests held during the Republican National Convention, posted a series of planned events for war protests in the future, but no new updates have been made today regarding the election results.

Move On, where are you in this Democratic hour of need? And for that matter, where are the rest of the liberals that have worked so tirelessly to put John Kerry into office? The silence is deafening.

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