Deep disappointment

Republicans such as Rep. Tom Reynolds (26th District-NY) are expounding today on how the country is clearly uniting behind the Republican Party, having elected GWB twice and increased the majority in the House and Senate. John Kerry is said to have told the President in his concession phone call that we are still “too divided.” Bush reportedly answered that we “have to work on that.”

Whether Democrat or Republican, what is clear to any sober voter is that the country is not getting behind either party in anything close to a clear majority. The election was decided by the population of one medium size city in the popular vote and the size of one Ohio county in the Electoral College. The House was expanded through gerrymandering led by a House majority leader who can’t stay out of the House ethics court.

This election is not a mandate for Republicans. And it would be cruel and criminal to interpret it as such. The country remains deeply divided, mostly along cultural lines—gays, guns and God. These are terribly un-productive debates to be divided over. None of them ends the war in Iraq faster. None of them creates a job. None of them buys an education. But they can buy a presidency, a Congress and soon a Supreme Court. Maybe there is a mandate in there somewhere. But I can’t seem to see it.

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