Yes, there are a few Nader voters out there, and not all of them voted for Kerry, either. How do you categorize a voter like Erik Shetney, 33, who lives in northeast Minneapolis, where he is a customer support manager of a computer network manufacturer. He voted this morning around 7:45 a.m. at the Audubon Park Community Center. "The lines were the longest lines I've ever seen in Minneapolis to vote," he says. "It took me about 90 minutes."

For President, he voted for Ralph Nader and the Better Life Party. He voted straight Republican for every other office in which there was a Republican, excluding Cheney.

"I voted for Nader because I'm thoroughly disgusted with both majority party candidates," he says. "I'm disgusted with Bush's close asssociation with American Christian fascists. That offends me the most about the Bush Administration. I support his actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think his domestic policy is sorely lacking. I don't like his anti-abortion and anti-gay policies.

"With Kerry, I believe Kerry is a flip-flipping populist. Kerry and Edwards both will say whateer they have to to win. The close association of John Edwards with trial lawyers is most distubrning and injurious to America's economy.

"The millions that Edward's made in Caesarian Birth-litigation is a most unethical action. It's because of his lawsuits that Caesarian sections are very common now. History has proven that the correlation John Edwards drew between not performing Caesarians in a timely manner and an increased incidence of cerebral palsy isn't true. The Democrats say he's a defender of the little people. That bothers me the most. He's not."

"I'm an avid outdoorman," he adds. "I hunt and target shoot. Kerry's extreme pro-gun control record concerned me."

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