Shape Up, Ship Out

Webcargo gets enormous e-files out the door

We all love e-mail -- until we need to ship a really big file. Then we curse e-mail's inability to handle a one-gigabyte attachment while we burn a CD and pop it into an overnight envelope.

That was the status quo for Benoit Jutras, a composer based in Ireland who works extensively with Cirque du Soleil, until he started using Webcargo. The Montreal-based company's site,, lets anyone send large files over the Internet without using e-mail and without having to know anything about file-transfer protocol. After setting up an account, you simply upload your file -- anything from a Powerpoint stack to hefty Photoshop files -- to Webcargo's server. Once it arrives, the recipient gets an e-mail alert that the file is ready for pickup. When it's retrieved, you get an e-mail receipt. Pricing starts at about $1.98 plus 8 cents per MB, and if you don't already have a high-speed connection, you'll definitely want to get one.

Now Jutras sends music files to producers around the globe and gets feedback the same day. That means the music gets written in less time and Jutras has to attend fewer face-to-face meetings. His travel time is down to about seven days each month, from two weeks. Jutras -- or at least his work -- travels virtually instead.

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