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To the relief of thousands of newly minted MBAs, the Class of 2004 graduated into a vastly improved job market compared with their 2002 counterparts. Graduates surveyed for BusinessWeek's previous Best B-Schools rankings (Oct. 21, 2002) faced massive layoffs, and a wave of corporate scandals that was leading many to question the value of the MBA degree. Now, recruiters are back. Starting compensation is up 26%. And students are demanding more rigor from MBA programs as well as more courses in ethics and leadership.

BusinessWeek's ninth biennial ranking of the Top 30 B-schools, led by Jennifer Merritt, has many new features: A graphic depiction of student responses stacks up the Top 30 schools, side by side. We've expanded coverage of international schools, including a feature on Europe's go-getters.

Meanwhile, BusinessWeek Online's B-schools channel ( has additional stories, forums, our B-school calendar, plus full details on more than 250 full-time MBA programs. MBA Insider, our premium site, has a wealth of features and tools for MBA prospects.

BusinessWeek was the first publication to rank business schools, starting in 1988. Today, we have several imitators, but none comes close to the consistency and quality of our rankings -- which are based on "customer satisfaction" surveys of students and the recruiters who hire them.

Happy hunting.

By Stephen B. Shepard


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