Five Jaunts For A Jaded Executive

These itineraries would intrigue even the most well-traveled businessperson

The home office just called to say the boss is blowing into town, and you're responsible not just for arranging the business meetings but for planning the entertainment as well. This isn't the first -- or even the fifth -- time this person has passed this way, so hitting the well-known restaurants and tourist destinations won't do. Whether you're expected to serve as a personal tour guide or just make suggestions, you'll have to design an itinerary that isn't in every guide book. What do you do? We put that question to five BusinessWeek writers in locales an executive might visit. Using their inside knowledge of the cities they live and work in, they've come up with a list of places they would choose if they were put on the spot. From a Manhattan outing that focuses on the culture and cuisine of Harlem, to a California wine country trip that takes in art treasures, to Paris and Tokyo as lived by the locals, these schedules can intrigue even a jaded traveler. Now, all you have to do is make the boss believe everything was your idea.

By Carol Marie Cropper

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