Hating America

As owner of The New York Post, Fox News, and The Weekly Standard, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is a lightening rod for the left. No surprise that a throng of protesters gathered in front of the company's headquarters in midtown this afternoon, chanting, drumming and in at least one case, stripping. But it was a pair of pink placards that caught my eye. One said "Code Pink loves Fidel Castro." The other said "Code Pink hates America."

Members of Code Pink, which describes itself as a "women initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement," should find a better role model than Fidel Castro. His regime has a long record of murder, abuse and oppression, and people are still fleeing his country in droves for a better life in America. Many elements of the left are quick to condemn the U.S. for its relationship with right-wing regimes in Guatemala and Chile. But they all but ignore a miserable human rights record in Cuba because Castro espouses a left-wing version of totalitarianism. Really, there's nothing lovable about it.

And those who profess a hatred of America should remember that they would never be allowed to vent such anti-government venom on the streets of Havana.

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