Delicious finds across the country -- from fried eggs to a lobster feast

As customers, executives tend to be a discerning and demanding lot. After all, it's their job to accept nothing but the best, while keeping a firm eye on the bottom line. With that in mind, BusinessWeek asked a few of the nation's corporate leaders to recommend their favorite restaurants. The results should appeal to a variety of palates and budgets. Indeed, our execs include a vegetarian, and their picks range from a diner, where you can get breakfast for $3.19, to a steakhouse with a $186 entree -- for 36 ounces of lobster. Aside from good food, all these spots share two key ingredients: an emphasis on service and a warm, friendly atmosphere. Some of our subjects have even struck up friendships with the staff or owners of their favorite haunts. So, the next time you're in New York, Omaha, Philadelphia, Chicago, or Dallas, check them out: Who knows, you might even bump into a CEO.

By Anne Tergesen

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